Event description

1/2 Day Guided Retreats

Dates for the Guided Retreats:

Thurs, July 16
Tues, July 28
Wed, July 29
Thurs, July 30
Thurs, August 13
Thurs, August 27

**All retreats go from 12:30-3:30 Eastern time**

Zoom link for 1/2 day guided retreats:

Personal Retreat Resources

Have a prayer day coming up? Interested in taking some personal spiritual retreat time, but not sure how to be intentional with it? We’ve got a few resources to help each of us pay attention to our life with God in this unique season. We invite you to schedule some time (3-6 hours would be a great start!) “alone” with the Lord over the summer to rest, reflect, seek and let God meet the hungers of your soul in this significant time in history.

These resources can be done in one or multiple time blocks; the reflections form around multiple themes/questions and are easy to break up into smaller chunks.

– They can be done alone or in [2-metre or virtual] tandem with someone else, incorporating a rhythm of solo & pair-sharing-praying time.

– They can be done inside or outside, morning, midday or late day… whenever it is easiest for you to connect with Jesus

– You’ll just need your Bible and a journal. Always best in paper format for spiritual retreats to remove digital distractions 🙂

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