Wilma Derksen

Wilma L. Derksen, C.E.C., O.M.

Since the abduction and murder of daughter Candace in 1984, Wilma Derksen has influenced victims, offenders and the community by telling her story. She’s also had an impact by facilitating support groups of survivors of homicide, organizing dialogues between victims and inmates in prison, conducting trainings, giving lectures, participating in panel discussions, presenting her insights to the justice system, and addressing victims’ needs at restorative justice conferences throughout Canada and the United States.

Wilma is an international speaker and consultant on victimization and criminal justice. She has presented to hundreds of audiences who describe her as inspiring, insightful, vulnerable, integral, comforting, warm, and as an insightful storyteller. She has a wonderful ability to put groups at ease, create a warm atmosphere, and move people emotionally. Her expertise and speaking ability has been effective in many roles and settings. She is often sought out to be a plenary speaker in conferences, she has led numerous trainings and workshops for non-profit organizations as well as the business sector, she has provided inspirational talks for fundraisers and other events, and she is an experienced group facilitator.

She has received numerous awards, including the Order of Manitoba in 2015 and the Nellie McClung Award in 2016. She has written a number of books on criminal victimization, trauma, and the criminal justice system. Her most recent book, The Way of Letting Go is based on the fifteen elements of the aftermath of violence, exploring each issue and ways of letting go.

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